Unità Polimateriche – Units from multiple materials


Unità Polimateriche [Units from multiple materials] is an artistic project which began almost 20 years ago, when I started mixing the materials together, merging them without distorting their essence. My intention is to reshape objects of daily use into new ones with a different function, and an added value. The aim is to come closer to the anatomical forms of the human body employing biological elements, such as wood.Often, these biological elements are recovered from abandoned places, sometimes washed ashore. Elements which were once alive, which started decomposing and deforming with time – still, they possess an inner meaning. Hence, the artistic production consists in making these inner meaning emerge from the very materials they already inhabit.The desire to realise anatomical human forms starting from wood emerges from the connection between human being and nature, between being and matter. Human beings and nature share a lymph which generates, creates, dies and finally returns to nature. Unità polimateriche is a multidimensional reconstruction of the natural processes of life and death. We coexist and we need to share in order to coexist. This is the chemistry communicated by these coloured hybrid shapes: “every tree, every trunk, every human being has a story, a story to tell, a story to make people dream”.


Thoracic system

Sometimes life surprises us, we are helpless before it, we are overwhelmed. Our body has developed to protect our more important organs: the rib cage protects us from all that is external, allows us to expand and to move, it envelops us like thermo-folded spirals that wrap the structure of our essence. The fascinating and constant rhythm of the spine, sinuous, that transmits force and lifts the body. The spine protects our movements, contains the cranio-sacral fluid that follows the frequency of our emotions. Sometimes the openness and the freedom of what we have inside can leave, sometimes they can stay in this protected place in order for it to be preserved.Work made with mixed techniques: clay modules, silicone mould and diplast castings, water-curved punches, water-based colours, polyester resin surface coating. PVC base with metal bayonet fitting and cement casting.

Dimension: base/width 55 x height 145 x depth 65 cm _ year 2019


Carcass prêt-à-porter

Reflection on the usefulness of art towards the frenzy of life. This work emerges from the abstract concept of artistic uselessness, since by definition art has no specific function and is framed in an abstract context where it is paradoxically necessary. Today’s rhythms are more and more frantic, the movements faster and more frequent, we are no longer autochthonous, we leave our lands and travel. We leave everything, but we would like to take something with us. It is here that art becomes necessity, in the strength of the values it transmits that allow us to feel at home almost anywhere. “Carcassa prêt-à-porter” accompanies us everywhere – day and night (with a phosphorescent effect that lights up in the dark). I see a person travelling for work, with his old and worn-out suitcase, who enters the hotel and assembles his own “work of art” – he even chooses the colour … like if it were a tie. The gold one or the one for the evening?

The work is composed of several elements that can be assembled as desired. A kit contains 4 carcass heads and a cranial helmet with horns. Realization in wood, clay matrix moulds, silicone moulds and diplast castings, acrylic and phosphorescent colours, polyester resin coating.

Dimension: base/width 57 x height 150 x depth 35 cm _ year 2019


Systems Cardiac

It was cold that day, that cold winter day was too windy for sailing. Too late to go back, I was already there, looking at the sea, too early to go back. It was the perfect moment, nobody around, I was alone on the beach. With a pale sun and the wind blowing on my face, alone with a desire for infinity. It was then and there that I saw him – and that he saw me. This rock was letting a root embrace him. They were moving, she was strong, intertwined with this small yet hard rock. It was as if the plant grew a heart, and it was then and there that I realised what he would become: a pulsating engine, a heart, the soul, the essence of living.

A trunk oxidized by the sea, oil colours, nylon threads, polyurethane resin coating, intermittent LED system with control unit.

Dimension: base/width 80 x height 55 x depth 50 cm _ year 2016


Prehensile system (hand)

I had a tree which was growing strong and vigorous. During Fall, I had to collect its leaves, that were falling down. It was strong, despite the fact that it was facing north. Out of laziness, I had begun to prune it before it lost all its leaves… I didn’t like picking up the leaves from the ground – they were small and annoying. I didn’t realise that it started dying in front of me, it was like a hand, reaching out to me and asking for help and all I was doing was cutting, cutting off those branches and that silent request, I didn’t notice until it was already dead. Sometimes we don’t notice what people are telling us; we risk missing out the very relationship, everything we do brings energy, it is up to us to understand these silent requests, sometimes desperate requests, from the people next to us… not being able to do so means that nothing remains.

Work made with wood, oil colours, real casts with alginate and diplast flows, coating with polyester resins.

Dimension: base/width 35 x height 35 x depth 35 cm _ year 2019


Motor System (leg)


this is the new project on Polymaterial Units. It will be ready by the beginning of 2020.

A trunk oxidized by the sea, oil colours, real casts with alginate and diplast flows, polyurethane resin coating, LED system light.

Dimension: base/width x height x depth cm _ year 2020